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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at



Who can add events to the calendar?

  • The events calendar is open to anyone in the community; e.g. individuals, organizations or businesses.



I posted my event but I don’t see it listed on the calendar.

  • All event submissions are held for approval before appearing on the calendar.
  • Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your listing to be approved and published.
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any event for any reason.
  • If you would like to inquire about your event listing, send email to



Is it free to post my event?

  • Yes, all event listings are free of charge.



What’s included in my free event listing?

  • Up to 200-word text description
  • Your photo or event image, JPG or PNG format only
  • Link to your Website or Facebook Event page
  • Google map locator to help participants find your event location
  • Convenient social media buttons to promote your event and share details with participants



How do I get my event image to show up on the calendar pages?

  • As of September 1, 2019 the Featured Photo on the calendar pages will be a Premium feature.
  • We are offering a Special Introductory Offer of $5 for the Featured Photo and $25 for a Featured Photo plus a Facebook Share. Click here for more info about options and prices.


Example of Featured Event Photos:

featured event images



Is there a limit to how many events I can post?

  • You may post up to 10 events per month.
  • If you would like to post more frequently, please contact us at



How do I post an event that takes place every week or every month?



Do I need to sign-in to post an event?

  • No, you do not need to sign-in.
  • Click here to add your event as a Guest



What happens if I register for an account?



Do you accept events that take place in Calgary?

  • All events must take place in or near Airdrie, Alberta.
  • This includes the surrounding communities of Balzac, Crossfield, Irricana, Madden, and Rocky View County (north of Calgary city limits only).
  • Some exceptions may apply.



Do you accept table bookings for local farmers markets, fairs, and trade shows?

  • No, we do not take table bookings on this website.
  • Please contact each event organizer directly.



Got More Questions? Click here to ask.


How to Write an Awesome Event Listing


WHAT type of event is it?

Event titles and descriptions should give visitors a sense of what the event is all about.

WHO is hosting the event and WHO should attend?

By including event organizer information, prospective attendees can quickly contact the right person to ask questions about the event. Event tickets also provide an opportunity to answer the “who” question – you can create multiple ticket types such as Members and Non-Members.

WHEN is the event?

Let your attendees know what time the event starts. Ending times are also helpful so people can plan their time accordingly.

WHERE is the event?

Location matters. Besides listing the basic venue information, it can be helpful to include bus routes, driving directions, and availability of parking.

WHY is this event being held?

Perhaps the most important question to answer with an event listing is why it is being held. Whether it’s a fundraiser for a local school or a major industry conference, sharing the “why” helps attendees align their expectations with the goals of the event.