How to Resize Your Images

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Before you upload your event image, you should check to see if your image needs optimizing or resizing.

If your image was originally intended for a printed poster, or you have downloaded a photo from your phone or camera, your image may be too big for the web. Large images will make your event listing load very slowly, especially for users on mobile phones and those with slower internet connections.

There are a variety of programs available that enable you to easily edit images and compress the file size. Here is our favorite:

First upload your photo, then choose the desired width for your finished image; e.g. 800-px. You can also select the image-quality and the file-type.

This program also allows you to rotate your image and add a border or rounded corners. You can also choose from a variety of special effects, such as sepia, vintage and greyscale. You can also add text captions to your photos, with a choice of over 20 different font styles.

It is best to keep your image files under 1MB and/or maximum 800-pixels wide.