Frequently Asked Questions

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I posted my event but I don’t see it.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your listing to be approved and published.

Do I need to be signed in before I can submit an event?

You do not need to be signed in to post an event. However, if you would like to be able to return later to edit and/or remove your event listing(s), you will need to register for an account.

Who can add events to the calendar?

Anyone can add events to the calendar; e.g. individuals, organizations or businesses.

Is there a fee to post my event?

There is no fee to post your event. All local listings are free.

What does the free event listing include?

  • 200-word text description
  • Photo or event poster
  • Link to your website or Facebook page
  • Google map locator
  • Convenient social media buttons to promote your event and share details with participants

What type of image files are accepted?

May I post an event that takes place in Calgary?

All events must take place in or near Airdrie, Alberta. This includes Balzac, Crossfield, and Rocky View County (north of Calgary city limits only). Some exceptions may apply.

Do you accept table bookings for local farmers markets, fairs, and trade shows?

No, we do not take table bookings on this website. Please contact each event organizer directly.

How do I get my event published in your weekly newsletter?

Events are listed in the newsletter at our discretion, and must be posted to the calendar at least two weeks in advance of the publication date in order to be included. We also offer paid promotions in our weekly newsletter.

Do you offer premium event listings?

Yes, we offer a variety of event promotion packages, starting at $25. Creative ways to get more exposure for your event and promote your business to the local community, including featured events and social media promotions.

For more info about our Premium Listing Packages, click here.

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Invitation to Share Local Events

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Do you enjoy attending events, taking pictures and writing reviews?

We are currently seeking local people to share their event photos and reviews. We’re all about events and what’s happening locally and we’d love your help to highlight and promote the places and events that you care about.

Are you interested in your local community? Do you enjoy writing and sharing helpful information with others? Do you have a specific area of interest? If so, we’d love to have you on our team of Event Bloggers.

share local events


Maybe you want to write about an event you’ve attended in years past or one you’re looking forward to attending soon. Perhaps you love taking photos or making short videos and you want to do a photo-based story and event follow-up, or a promotion for an upcoming event.

As long as your focus is Airdrie Alberta and you are writing in an inviting and complimentary manner, for people of all ages, we welcome your contributions. All blog posts and photos will be attributed to you.

Drop us a line at


How to Write an Awesome Event Listing

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WHAT type of event is it?

Event titles and descriptions should give visitors a sense of what the event is all about.

WHO is hosting the event and WHO should attend?

By including event organizer information, prospective attendees can quickly contact the right person to ask questions about the event. Event tickets also provide an opportunity to answer the “who” question – you can create multiple ticket types such as Members and Non-Members.

WHEN is the event?

Let your attendees know what time the event starts. Ending times are also helpful so people can plan their time accordingly.

WHERE is the event?

Location matters. Besides listing the basic venue information, it can be helpful to include bus routes, driving directions, and availability of parking.

WHY is this event being held?

Perhaps the most important question to answer with an event listing is why it is being held. Whether it’s a fundraiser for a local school or a major industry conference, sharing the “why” helps attendees align their expectations with the goals of the event.