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Meetups & Social Groups

Looking for meetups and social groups in Airdrie? You’ve come to the right place! Find local people who are looking for opportunities to socialize. Featuring everything from board games and scrabble to dancing, roller skating and blanket making.… Read More

Shopping & Markets

Find local shopping, trade fairs, garage sales, and farmers markets.… Read More

Food & Drink

Find listings here for all food related events. Everything from BBQs to beer tasting, potlucks to pancake breakfasts, dinner theatre, farmers markets, or lobster boil, if the focus is food and beverages, the event will be listed here.… Read More

Visual & Performing Arts

Celebrate the arts in Airdrie Alberta. Listings for visual and performing arts. Everything from music and dance performances, to theatre, comedy, art shows, author visits, and more.… Read More

Classes & Workshops

Looking for classes and workshops? Find everything from music, theatre, dance, fitness, painting, arts and crafts, computers, public speaking and leadership, and more. … Read More